Bofi Racing joining MX5-Europe at Japfest!

Bofi Racing joining MX5-Europe at Japfest!

Bofi Racing is set to join MX5-Europe’s Club Stand at Japfest.

Widely acknowledged within the MX5 community, Bofi is a dedicated group of enthusiasts specialising in a wide array of performance parts for Mazda MX5's. Based in the UK, their offerings span from air filters to turbo kits and a variety of offerings in between.

Adding to the excitement they will be displaying some “lairy metal” with some of their customers MX5’s built with Bofi Racing parts, this is your chance to display your MX5 along side the Bofi builds and to get the chance to meet the team.

Book your Club Tickets now before it's too late!
How do I book a Club Ticket?
Register your account and use our Club Name: MX5-Europe.Club
and use the Booking Code: JF24-168

If you're an MX5 Club interested in attending Japfest, we would be happy to host you on our MX5-Europe Club Stand!
2022 & 2023 saw over 130+ cars with the biggest dedicated MX5 stand!


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